Monday, February 14

Mobile Mondays :)

Probably the cutest thing I've ever heard.. or read. Because it was a text message..

Me: I was talking to an old lady today at work, and i told her I wanted to skip straight to the grandma thing-because then you get all ther perks of having kiddies, but you get to send em home at the end of the day lol. But she told me i had to earn it :( haha

A: awww thats cute :P but nooo you shouldnt skip the inbetweenssss :( that just means less time for us if you cheat ahead ;)

What can I say? I'm head over heels. :)

Cute text messages. They make me happy. :)

Monday, February 7

Mobile Monday


My facebooking-blogging-emailing-pictureposting-best friend is back.
That's right! I got my Internet connection back up and running, and I couldn't be more excited! :)
To be honest, it's been quite a sad blog-less existence lately, and I've really really missed reading all of your updates. I'm so glad Mondays are my relaxing almost-day-off day, so I can spend all afternoon catching up on my favorite people's posts and commenting like it's my job!

This month, instead of blogging, I've resorted to phone snapshot-taking. My poor cell phone memory basically has a picture baby, because I've taken and refused to erase so many. But, anyways, I figure, it's Monday. And what would be a better way to show you a snapshot of what I've been doing, then literally showing you snapshots of what I've been doing? So, from my mobile device to your computer screen, I introduce Mobile Mondays! :)

I've spent most of my time:

Making plenty of late night Taco Bell runs.

Dreaming about car shopping. I think it's almost about that time...
PS: I thought the mileage number here was wicked cool!

Watching lots and lots of football!
PS: I am not a Raven's fan, FYI. ;)
My ♥ belongs to the Steelers & the Broncos.
This picture was sent to me by a Raven's fan, from the game.

Eating Doughnuts

And wishing I was here:

Or even here:

Instead of here:

But, hey, it's not Burger King. And I can't always have it my way.
But, there is good news! I heard through the grapevine that this little fella didn't see his shadow, and you know what that means!! So maybe, just maybe, us summer babies will be okay.

Phil's Picture via here.

I hope that everyone's been fabulous this month! I'm off to play catch-up on your lovely blogs!

Happy Monday!!