Thursday, December 30

You Know You're an Addict When...

You know you're addicted to the blog-scene when this looks like a small price to pay for blogging enjoyment:

It's official: I must be addicted. I didn't realize just how necessary the world of blogging was to my happiness, until this thing called the Internet stopped working, about a week ago. I am now officially going through blog withdrawals. I've got all the symptoms:
- severe boredom.
- racing creative thoughts with no outlet, whatsoever.
- anxiousness around other people's working computers.
- intense feelings of disappointment when words like "30 days of truth" and "jpeg image" pop into normal everyday conversation (which seems to happen much more frequently during blog withdrawals).
It's not the being-an-addict part of this realization that I have a problem with. In fact, I think I like my addiction. But I'm having the biggest problem accepting that there isn't a cure. Unless you count blogging from the inside of a parked minivan in a library parking lot as some sort of a remedy.
The worst part was when I decided to take pictures with my cell phone to show you exactly what my addiction has turned into, I got the dreaded "Low Battery" beep and scrambled to find my car charger, so I could take pictures. Look what I have turned into!!!! Good thing I only have 5 more days until the Saint of Internet Connections creeps down my chimney to fix the issues I'm having.
Yeahhh.... Happy New Year.

Friday, December 24

The Stockings Were Hung By The Chimmneys With Care

So, I have  no idea if I've spelled "Chimmneys" correctly, but you know what? Who cares?! Because you know why? It's almost CHRISTMAS!! :)

With all of the decorations hung, and the gifts wrapped and stowed under the tree, it's finally beginning to feel festive around here. And it's about time. :) The only thing that could make this holiday night any better would be reliable Internet access from home, so I wouldn't have to huddle in my minivan with frozen fingers in the parking lot, mooching off of the local library's WiFi connection.
I must be a weirdie.

^ some of the cute holiday cards the kids made me, before break ^

Hope everyone has a fabulous holiday!!

Tuesday, December 21

Tis The Season!

So the other day, I went to Starbucks (which I consider a heavenly treat!) and was uber excited when I saw that they have their seasonal red cups!! I'm sure the coveted cups have been out for a while, considering it was about a week before Christmas that I was lucky enough to snatch one up, but nevertheless I was overjoyed.

Red Cups = Christmas is coming
Coffee = Love
Coffee + Red Cups = Love + Christmas is coming = ♥ !!!


Today has been my first day off from life in foreverrrrrr! So, in celebration, I slept my day away and crawled out of my warm covers only for pepperoni quesadillas, made fresh by my mama, just for sleepyheads. Events for the day include:
1. Wrapping bunches of last minute Christmas presents in the comfort of my *ahem* very "lived in" room (aka totally messy!)
2. Thinking about cleaning up the pre-mentioned messiness.
3. Laughing at this idea, and watching lots of Christmas movies instead. :)

4 More Days!!

What are your Pre-Christmas plans??

Friday, December 10


Dear Winter,
I can't believe it has almost been an entire year since I've seen you. It feels like just a few days ago that you were biting my nose. Don't get the wrong idea! I definitely love having you around, I just think you've been overworking yourself lately! You could definitely go for some vacation time. How about Florida? Or Argentina? Or the Bahamas? You haven't been there in eons! Yes, I will miss you terribly, but don't worry about me. You deserve a get-away. So really, get out there, and get away! :)
Love you bunches!

This morning, I crawled out of my snug bed, drank me some steamy coffee, and slipped into one of my favorite warm sweaters. Before heading off to class this morning, I contemplated grabbing a coat. But then I decided, why would I do that? I was warm. Correction: I was warm, inside. I guess I just didn't quite realize it was going to be 24 degrees outside and that the heater in my car would start smelling funny, causing me to turn it off and consequently have frozen finger-pops! I guess I also didn't realize that there would be no where to park on my school campus and that I would have to walk almost 15 minutes to get to my warm classroom!! Needless to say, my sweater wasn't as warm as I was hoping it would be.. But it's one of my favorites, and really really cute. :) But I learned my lesson: If you want to look cute in the winter, listen to your mother, and wear a cute coat.

Tuesday, December 7

All Kinds of Wonderful

This week has consisted of:
- dozens of twinkling Christmas lights
- extensive charges to my Kohl's account, courtesy of "holiday shopping" :)
- a hot and steamy affair almost every morning (with my breakfast, of course!)
- a *lovely* interaction with a not-so-helpful police officer regarding my stolen license plates :(
- and lots, and Lots, and LOTS of last minute homework projects.

My case study for elementary reading basically consumed my entire Monday, which was one reason for no blogging. But I learned my lesson: I will not procrastinate anymore. Starting tomorrow. ;)

This week has had it's ups and downs, but as busy as it has been, surviving through it means I'm one week closer to winter break and one week closer to CHRISTMAS! I'm soo excited that it's finally socially acceptable to listen to holiday tunes in public. Because I work at a department store, I've been hearing them since the beginning of September, but I've secretly enjoyed them the entire time. :) One the best parts of my holiday preparations, in addition to the cookie-baking and stocking-hanging is the tree-trimming!

One of my top men :)

 I'm just so excited and can't wait for the next few weeks to fly by. Especially finals week. That week can fly away if it really wants to..

How has your week been?