Tuesday, December 7

All Kinds of Wonderful

This week has consisted of:
- dozens of twinkling Christmas lights
- extensive charges to my Kohl's account, courtesy of "holiday shopping" :)
- a hot and steamy affair almost every morning (with my breakfast, of course!)
- a *lovely* interaction with a not-so-helpful police officer regarding my stolen license plates :(
- and lots, and Lots, and LOTS of last minute homework projects.

My case study for elementary reading basically consumed my entire Monday, which was one reason for no blogging. But I learned my lesson: I will not procrastinate anymore. Starting tomorrow. ;)

This week has had it's ups and downs, but as busy as it has been, surviving through it means I'm one week closer to winter break and one week closer to CHRISTMAS! I'm soo excited that it's finally socially acceptable to listen to holiday tunes in public. Because I work at a department store, I've been hearing them since the beginning of September, but I've secretly enjoyed them the entire time. :) One the best parts of my holiday preparations, in addition to the cookie-baking and stocking-hanging is the tree-trimming!

One of my top men :)

 I'm just so excited and can't wait for the next few weeks to fly by. Especially finals week. That week can fly away if it really wants to..

How has your week been?


  1. I'm getting excited for Christmas too :)
    The house is decorated and we're getting the tree soon!

  2. Your blog is adorable! I'm a new follower :)

    Procrastination is terrible.. and I always tell myself I'll be better next time but OF COURSE it never happens.. good luck with all of your finals!