Tuesday, November 30

A Day In My Shoes.

Every other typical Tuesday starts off with the much anticipated late-for-class-again looks from my math professor, then builds up in excitement after hanging out with a bunch of third graders for the afternoon, and often concludes with the usual rustling of papers and keyboard strokes as much prolonged homework reminds me of it's existence. All in all, Tuesdays are pretty, well, normal.
But not today! Today was different. It started off with my stunning the class as I snuck in at a record-breaking 8 minutes late. From that moment, I knew it was going to be a crazy kind of day. Everyone expects to see the sleepy blonde roll in to the 8am elementary math class at a typical 8:06. But this morning, I kept everyone in suspense for an extra two minutes. Can you say "woah?!". Definitely not a typical start to a Tuesday.

But besides my tardiness, math surprised me with a big fat F. Typically, I strive for those B's. I'm so awful at math, so if I get above a C, I'm ready to throw a party. F's generally aren't part of the "let's-throw-a-party" mindset, so I was incredibly disappointed. Well, technically, I wasn't informed of my failing status, but after looking over our tests, my professor said he will be giving a re-test on Friday and that almost every student should opt for the second chance. So I'm pretty sure that means I failed. While the original grade might not be worth a fiesta, I'm pretty stoked I get a second chance. And the fact that I'm not the only one who is deserving pretty much added to the stokedness.

So, let's fast forward now: past the hour of hanging with cute eight year olds, past my *awesome* lunch, and right up to my date with a psycho professor. I'm just kidding: he's entirely psycho, just incredibly enthusiastic for physics. Which, considering that opposites attract, may be the reason we get along so well. But enough about our chemistry in physics, and more about our date. I had missed a very important test a few weeks ago and as luck on this incredible Tuesday would have it, I was allowed to make it up. So after my morning festivities, I hiked over to campus to hang out with my teach as I crammed for a test. But as if being able to make up the long lost test wasn't sweet enough, I made an A!! Which, never happens. Actually, it never has; This was my very first A in Physics Class all semester. Too bad we only have 3 more class meetings to go before the final. But, regardless, it's never too late for an A. :)

I was so excited, and extremely motivated, after the success that I marched down to Student Services to sign up for my upcoming (and hopefully last) semester. Like most other college bound Americans, tuition for school (in addition to a few unexpected and poorly planned mall trips) has all but bled me dry. But after signing up for my last five classes, I had to fork over a whopping....... seventy five dollars. That's right $75 for a semester of classes!! Fine print: I didn't technically sign up for an entire semester because I've been wait listed for two of my classes. But paying less than $100, after scholarships, for three of them definitely made my day a little brighter.

Today probably couldn't get much better.
Correction: As I type this, my tivo died. Actually died! Grey's Anatomy, Dead. Private Practice Dead. Jimmy Kimmel? Yeah, he died too. Today probably couldn't get much worse.
Thank goodness my dad is a nerd. ♥
Today probably couldn't get much better.

All in all, Tuesday's are pretty, well, normal. But not today. Today was different. :)

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