Friday, December 10


Dear Winter,
I can't believe it has almost been an entire year since I've seen you. It feels like just a few days ago that you were biting my nose. Don't get the wrong idea! I definitely love having you around, I just think you've been overworking yourself lately! You could definitely go for some vacation time. How about Florida? Or Argentina? Or the Bahamas? You haven't been there in eons! Yes, I will miss you terribly, but don't worry about me. You deserve a get-away. So really, get out there, and get away! :)
Love you bunches!

This morning, I crawled out of my snug bed, drank me some steamy coffee, and slipped into one of my favorite warm sweaters. Before heading off to class this morning, I contemplated grabbing a coat. But then I decided, why would I do that? I was warm. Correction: I was warm, inside. I guess I just didn't quite realize it was going to be 24 degrees outside and that the heater in my car would start smelling funny, causing me to turn it off and consequently have frozen finger-pops! I guess I also didn't realize that there would be no where to park on my school campus and that I would have to walk almost 15 minutes to get to my warm classroom!! Needless to say, my sweater wasn't as warm as I was hoping it would be.. But it's one of my favorites, and really really cute. :) But I learned my lesson: If you want to look cute in the winter, listen to your mother, and wear a cute coat.


  1. Agreed.
    I froze while waiting at the bus for what seemed like an hour because it was so cold, wearing a sweater.
    Next time I'm wearing a jacket. And gloves.

  2. thanks for you sweet comments on my blog! glad to find yours -- it is super cute!

    my grandfather always says "doesn't matter what you look like, as long as you are warm." thats his motto for winter!!

    your newest follower