Tuesday, December 21

Tis The Season!

So the other day, I went to Starbucks (which I consider a heavenly treat!) and was uber excited when I saw that they have their seasonal red cups!! I'm sure the coveted cups have been out for a while, considering it was about a week before Christmas that I was lucky enough to snatch one up, but nevertheless I was overjoyed.

Red Cups = Christmas is coming
Coffee = Love
Coffee + Red Cups = Love + Christmas is coming = ♥ !!!


Today has been my first day off from life in foreverrrrrr! So, in celebration, I slept my day away and crawled out of my warm covers only for pepperoni quesadillas, made fresh by my mama, just for sleepyheads. Events for the day include:
1. Wrapping bunches of last minute Christmas presents in the comfort of my *ahem* very "lived in" room (aka totally messy!)
2. Thinking about cleaning up the pre-mentioned messiness.
3. Laughing at this idea, and watching lots of Christmas movies instead. :)

4 More Days!!

What are your Pre-Christmas plans??


  1. hello lovely lady ♥ so excited to get to know you. your blog is fab and i heart red cups that = christmas as well :) hmmm pre christmas plans include a little bit of relaxing mixed with a touch of baking and maybe...a mani and pedi?!? yes that would be nice :)


  2. I completely agree red cups= Christmas is coming!! =)
    I need to find a well shaped box to wrap a certain boy's present and I'm going to go to the mountain for Christmas Eve, so at least I'll sort of get a White Christmas :)
    Have a lovely Christmas filled with joy and love!