Friday, December 24

The Stockings Were Hung By The Chimmneys With Care

So, I have  no idea if I've spelled "Chimmneys" correctly, but you know what? Who cares?! Because you know why? It's almost CHRISTMAS!! :)

With all of the decorations hung, and the gifts wrapped and stowed under the tree, it's finally beginning to feel festive around here. And it's about time. :) The only thing that could make this holiday night any better would be reliable Internet access from home, so I wouldn't have to huddle in my minivan with frozen fingers in the parking lot, mooching off of the local library's WiFi connection.
I must be a weirdie.

^ some of the cute holiday cards the kids made me, before break ^

Hope everyone has a fabulous holiday!!

1 comment:

  1. The things we'll do for a wi-fi connection.
    Hope you had a great Christmas :)