Thursday, December 30

You Know You're an Addict When...

You know you're addicted to the blog-scene when this looks like a small price to pay for blogging enjoyment:

It's official: I must be addicted. I didn't realize just how necessary the world of blogging was to my happiness, until this thing called the Internet stopped working, about a week ago. I am now officially going through blog withdrawals. I've got all the symptoms:
- severe boredom.
- racing creative thoughts with no outlet, whatsoever.
- anxiousness around other people's working computers.
- intense feelings of disappointment when words like "30 days of truth" and "jpeg image" pop into normal everyday conversation (which seems to happen much more frequently during blog withdrawals).
It's not the being-an-addict part of this realization that I have a problem with. In fact, I think I like my addiction. But I'm having the biggest problem accepting that there isn't a cure. Unless you count blogging from the inside of a parked minivan in a library parking lot as some sort of a remedy.
The worst part was when I decided to take pictures with my cell phone to show you exactly what my addiction has turned into, I got the dreaded "Low Battery" beep and scrambled to find my car charger, so I could take pictures. Look what I have turned into!!!! Good thing I only have 5 more days until the Saint of Internet Connections creeps down my chimney to fix the issues I'm having.
Yeahhh.... Happy New Year.


  1. I have a blogger addiction too.. and I can only imagine how terrible it must be to not have internet!! Here's to hoping it's fixed SOON!! :)

  2. Haha those symptoms are so true!